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Buy black trumpet mushroom Online



Buy black trumpet mushroom Online

The Black Trumpet Mushroom is one of my favorite wild mushrooms. Don’t let its unremarkable appearance fool you; this is one of the best tasting fungi you’ll ever find.

These mushrooms are gourmet edibles. They have a smoky, rich flavor and a pleasant, fruity aroma. There are no poisonous look alikes, making this a great mushroom for beginners to identify.

Unfortunately they’re not always easy to find. Their dark color and strange shape make them look like little black holes on the forest floor. Many a time have people looked right at them without realizing the treat before their very eyes!

Description About Black Trumpet Mushroom

Caps: Funnel or vase shaped with a gray, brown, or black color. They sometimes flare out at the end with wavy edges. The underside is just a smooth surface with no gills, pores, or teeth. The inside of the cap may or may not be covered in small scales. (Craterellus foetidus has a wrinkled underside but still not real gills.)

Stem: Up to a few inches tall and the same color, or just slightly lighter than, the cap. The inside of the stem is hollow. The flesh itself is thin and easily broken.

Texture: Take special note of the texture of the black trumpet. They’re smooth or just slightly wrinkled with a soft feel to them. I think they feel a lot like suede.

Spore Print: White to a pinkish salmon color.

Time of Year: Summer and fall, through the winter in California.

Applications Black Trumpet Mushroom

Their delicate flavor can easily be overpowered by other flavors, so it is recommended to use the mushrooms by themselves and to place them in lighter preparations such as pasta, seafood recipes, soups, as a topping on pizza, or in a sauce.

Black Trumpet mushrooms pair well with garlic, caramelized onions, green onion, chives, thyme, sage, spearmint, horseradish, celery, leeks, peas, carrots, white wine, meats such as salmon, ham, rabbit, or poultry, eggs, lemon zest, orange juice, mirepoix, Parmigiano Reggiano, ricotta cheese, polenta, couscous, and black lentils. They will keep for a couple of days when stored fresh in a paper bag or between damp paper towels in the refrigerator.



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