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Buy hen of the woods mushroom Online



Buy Hen Of The Woods Mushroom Online

Hen Of The Woods Mushroom can be hard to spot in its native habitat. Since its color is somewhere between that of oak bark and that of fallen oak leaves, you need sharp eyes for this treasure hunt. I’ve stood next to a friend who stood next to a hen, and for the life of her, she couldn’t see it! When you do spot one, you’re likely to make a major haul. It’s not unusual for a large hen to weigh many pounds.

Hen of the woods is a fast-growing, early fall mushroom that appears after a good, soaking rain. I’m guessing it got its common name because someone thought it looked like the ruffled feathers of a hen, although I think that’s a stretch. It has no poisonous look-alikes, which makes it an excellent mushroom for beginning foragers. Superficially it resembles one other mushroom, the black-staining polypore. Fortunately, this is also edible, although not as delicious as maitake, so if you make a mistake you’re in no danger. Btw, you’ll know right away if you’ve picked the black staining polypore…they don’t call it black-staining for nothing. It takes days for the color to wear off your fingers.

When To Havest Hen Of The Woods Mushroom

One of the best  When you find a young hen, it might be tiny, the size of a golf ball or your fist, or it could be larger. There’s a natural urge to wait for it to get huge, thinking you’ll get more bang for your buck, but that is faulty logic: young and tender, as opposed to old and tough should be your motto.


Hen of the woods is supposed to be only one mushroom: Grifola frondosa, but over the past few years I have run into different color variations of hens. I’m not a professional mycologist, but I do know that there are at a number of distinct species of chicken of the woods, so I assume the same could be possible with hens. Whether it’s an weird color variation, or something else I don’t know, but here is a picture of a white version that I get from the same maple tree every year. I can find no difference in taste between the white/grey/and brown versions of hen of the woods I’ve found. Whatever causes the color variation, it’s interesting.


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