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Buy morel mushrooms Online



Buy morel mushrooms Online

Morel mushrooms remain a mystery to researchers and foragers alike. Where and why they grow is often the subject of woods-lore. But one thing is certain, there are conditions that cause morels to flush in the spring more than any other time of year. Once you know what to look for in your environment, you’ll be racing to find the next hotspot.

Temperature and moisture are by far the most important factors for morel growth. Morels will not grow if the soil is too warm or cold. They also tend to like moist soil, so snowy winters and rainy springs are ideal. It’s good to pay attention to snowpack and snowmelt especially in the mountains. Snow not only moistens the soil but also keeps the soil cooler. Be prepared to move up and down the mountain to adjust for temperature and snowmelt. In early spring, morels tend to pop up at lower elevations first and work their way up as temperatures rise.

Disturbed ground, clear cuts and wildfire burns all tend to precede a boom in morel growth. So it’s important to know how morels and other mushrooms relate to their environment.

How To Identify Morels Mushrooms

The two most important features to examine when trying to identify a morel mushroom are the cap shape and whether the interior is hollow.

Morels have a very distinct cap. Fairly uniform, they appear ridged and pitted inwards. See the picture to the right for a close up of a morel cap.

On most morels the cap will be attached to the stem, not hanging free as with Amanitas and many other mushrooms.

There are species known as “half-free morels”, where only the bottom of the cap hangs freely from the stem. These can be harder to identify so discard if you have any doubts.

After you’ve examined the cap the next important identification step is to slice the mushroom lengthwise. A true morel will be hollow inside from the tip of the cap to the bottom of the stem.

I took the picture to the right, note how the inside is hollow and how the cap is attached directly to the stem


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