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Buy purple tangie strain Online

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Say Hello to one of GDW’s most beautiful Sativa, Behold the amazing Purple Tangie! This wonderful sativa dominant strain was created through crossing our mouthwatering Tangie strain and an “secret” Purple strain.

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Buy purple tangie strain Online

Purple Tangie  Strain is a 70/30 sativa hybrid with a 22% THC average. It was a 1st place winner at LA’s 2016’s High Times Cannabis Cup. Secondly, the buds look like small peppers with red and purple hairs, lightened by some luminous white crystals. Purple Tangie is tasting like a Purple strain with grape and berry notes. Thirdly it can treat chronic stress, fatigue, muscle spasms, and pains. This strain is best for daytime usage.

Type of High (note;  Buy Purple Tangie Online from eShopCannabisDispensary )
Purple Tangie cannabis strain is great for the morning or early afternoon. This strains is created by crossing our  Tangie strains and a Purple strains. Also, this beauty took 1st Place for Best Medicinal Sativa Concentrate at the 2016 Los Angeles High Times. It has 22% THC level and high CBD level. it’s no wonder Purple Tangie is an all-around beloved strains.

It provides a high is powerful and long-lasting with energetic and uplifted feelings. The strain is perfect as a wake-and-bake or an early afternoon pick me up. there would be a hit with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy. Furthermore which there is an increase in your mental clarity and focus.

You may find that Tangie Strain offers an energetic kick to your social skills. The pristine Buds look amazing, like small peppers with deep purple and red hairs. lightened by some luminous white crystals. Purple Tangie tastes like a Purple strains with grape and berry notes.

Furthermore, there are two types of Cannabis patients in the world. Firstly, those who prefer their cannabis to taste like cannabis. Secondly, those who welcome their cannabis to taste like a delicious tropical fruit. The Purple Tangie strain is for the latter, who will truly appreciate the many trichomes that decorate this delicious tangerine-flavored flower. Giving this strain a try just once will have you make it a personal favorite. It has remarkable flavors and scents.


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1 review for Buy purple tangie strain Online

  1. Pascal stegen

    This shit real cool

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